Frequently Answered Questions

What is the game about?

Here's your part, Niko.

What type of art style is being used?

The graphics will be semi-realistic.

Will there be guilds?!?!

Guilds will be included, but a bit different from what you think.

Will there be microtransactions?

There will be no micro-transactions unless for cosmetics and cosmetics ONLY.

How is the game divided?

The game is divided by multiple floors.

Are all floors active at once or do they load?

All floors will be activated at once when all floors are unlocked/activated on a server.

Is there an offline?


How large are the maps?

Each level has a size of its own (one being able to be much larger/smaller than another).

How much map diversity is there?

There will be a fair amount of map diversity.

Can I play this on a VR?

There will be VR compatibility.

What’s the game size?

As of right now, the game size is fairly small.

Do you think I can join the developer team?

If you think you can, click the Join Us button at the top right!