The Beginning

At the beginning, there was an idea. One of great creativity and surprise. This was the idea of nobody other than D'Artagan (NikoTheHawaiian). He started a project by the name Project Einstein. Starting strong, he was able to create much but other things would soon get in the way. After a long while, he wasn't able to work on the project as much. For a long time, the project and it's discord went silent and it seemed like the project would end. This was until the arrival of a new member. TKTS being young and ambitious was daring enough to try to bring back the project.

D'Artagnan Kunishige


"Don't let anything stop you, inspiration is
an endless muse that when tapped can provide
the answers to all creativity and advancements in life."
D'Artagnan Kunishige 2018

Current Devs

Project Designer and Developer
Lead and Founder
The only actual limit to your ability is the one
you set. After that, everything is possible.-TKTS

Creating is the gift of every artist but inspiring is our legacy-Ink